Source code

The first version of UBUBI is not released yet.
Our team is working hard to complete the first version (v 0.1) as soon as possible.

What is UBUBI?

The UBUBI was initiated as a collaborative research project between several Canadian universities and companies. The focus of this research is to enable LCA analysis early during the building design process. Other software is available to perform an LCA analysis but none of them focus on the non-expert users enabling them to easily do an LCA analysis with less details in their building model.

What UBUBI stand for?

The name "UBUBI" stand for "Uncertain But Usefull Building Information".

Fun fact

In the Zulu language, UBUBI means: fighting evil(s), badness, the bad, ugliness, the ugly

When UBUBI will be available?

As soon as the first version is ready we will make it available. Our ressources being limited, we are experiencing some delay but we are working hard to release version 0.1 in early 2018.


UBUBI can perform an LCA analysis, manage an LCA model and save the results. At this point of the research project, UBUBI is still missing some features like: results exploration and comparaison, advance model modification and some automation to generate models from BIM.