This project is a contribution of many developers

Thanks to all contributors

Lead developer

Mathieu Dupuis

Create web services and coodinate the project.


François Saab

Create the calculus module.

Front-end developer
(Autumn 2016)

Phillipe Pigeon

Creates the first user interfaces to manage LCA model.

Report module developer
(Summer 2017)

Cydrick Trudel, Jean-Pierre Bertrand Dorion,
Daniel Enachescu, Ara Sivaneswaran

Create the first version of report module.

Front-end developer
(Summer 2017)

Etienne picard, Sebastien Gergel,
Yome Messena Jean

Improve user interfaces.

(Autumn 2017)

N Bastien, G Forgues, André Koolen, E Le Barbenchon

Create RevitLink and improve user interfaces.

(Winter 2018)

L W Mbog, R Comlan, A Borisutpech, J - P Leclerc

Import middleground and improve user interfaces.

Special thanks

to everyone who helped the developer team

Software engineer

Alain April

Help with project management, supervise and recrute students. Participate to all developers meeting.

LCA Expert

Pascal Lesage

Define business rules and validate first results.

LCA expert

Charles Breton

Test the prototype.

LCA expert

Farzad Jalaei

Create middleground layer to adapt BIM model to ecoinvent 3.3.

LCA expert

Farzaneh Razaei

Improve middleground layer to adapt BIM model to ecoinvent 3.3.