BIM model

Use your BIM model as a source of information to automatically assess the environmental impact of the whole building.

Save time

Stop wasting time in the refinement of your BIM model just for assessing the environmental impact. UBUBI handles the missing data by introducing uncertainty in your analysis when your data is incomplete.

Cloud-based tool

Use the cloud to easily share and perform a quick life cycle assessment for a whole building.

Open source software

UBUBI is released under the open source Apache 2 license. You can use and modify the source code freely.

Compatible with OpenLCA

The data structure of UBUBI is based on the OpenLCA data structures. You can explore your analysis using UBUBI and OpenLCA.

Use your LCI database

UBUBI works with the ecoinvent 3.3 database, but any common LCI database can also be adapted to work with UBUBI.

Our goal: Integrate LCA analysis in your building design process.

An LCA software for non-expert.